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NZB National Weanling & Broodmare Sale 2017

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Lot Type Col Sex Name Sire Dam Purchaser Price
42 Weanling b c Ferlax Boston Symphony
62 Weanling b c Showcasing Cut Off
63 Weanling b c Foxwedge Cutting Remark
65 Weanling b c Showcasing Danasia
79 Weanling ch f Showcasing Dreaming
85 Weanling b c Iffraaj Estelle
110 Weanling ch c Ferlax Gondola Girl
162 Weanling b c Ferlax Little Tee
167 Weanling b f Showcasing Lullaby
176 Weanling ch c Showcasing Midnight Breaker
180 Weanling b c Power Missy Elliott
191 Weanling b c Ferlax My Indigo
192 Weanling br c Proisir Nancho Bella
197 Weanling b c Showcasing Ohio Girl
200 Weanling b c Proisir One Swanstonstreet
205 Weanling b c Ferlax Outrageous Fortune
211 Weanling b f Ferlax Party Lights
218 Weanling b c Ferlax Pinina
231 Weanling b c Tavistock Push The Boat Out
238 Weanling ch c Ferlax Regarded
240 Weanling b c Ferlax Rhandara
247 Weanling b c Ferlax Sancy
256 Weanling ch f Ferlax Short Tale
273 Weanling b f Showcasing St J'Adore
281 Weanling b c Jimmy Choux Tantrum
311 Racehorse br g Cavallucci Showcasing Callymanjaro
382 Mare br m Gin Swing Keeper Gin City
394 Mare br m Jaffari Iffraaj Trilby
428 Mare br m O'Puss Puss O'Reilly Call the Cat
433 Mare b m Our Girl Nelson Carnegie Joie de Vivre
440 Mare br m Pearly Whites Sharkbite Miss Keaton
474 Mare ch m Tataki Fusaichi Pegasus Fleischer
482 Mare b m Triple Effort Sharkbite Tripled