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NZB National Weanling & Broodmare Sale 2018

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Lot Type Col Sex Name Sire Dam Purchaser Price
7 Yearling b c Iffraaj Anotherwin
14 Yearling ch c Ferlax Bigmissy WITHDRAWN WITHDRAWN
21 Yearling b c Showcasing Cut Off
45 Yearling ch c Ferlax Lavish Miss
47 Yearling b c Makfi Medrano
52 Yearling b f Iffraaj Not Surprized
54 Yearling b c Ferlax Outrageous Fortune
519 Yearling ch c Per Incanto Kalamanda
73 Weanling b c Showcasing All Smiles
78 Weanling br c Dalghar Anotherwin
81 Weanling b c Niagra Astana WITHDRAWN WITHDRAWN
85 Weanling b f Makfi Atomic Dancer
90 Weanling br/gr c Showcasing Bechtolsheimer
92 Weanling b c Makfi Belle Fleur
105 Weanling gr f Reliable Man Canyon Yodeler
151 Weanling b f Tavistock Exceedingly Rich
168 Weanling br/gr f Priosir Ghia
194 Weanling ch f Dalghar Jingling
198 Weanling b c Ferlax Karmadini
206 Weanling b f Iffraaj L'Amour
212 Weanling ch c Iffraaj Legs Akimbo
228 Weanling b c Ferlax Metro Park
229 Weanling br c Ferlax Midnight Breaker
238 Weanling br c Pentire Missy Brown WITHDRAWN WITHDRAWN
246 Weanling b f Tavistock More Than Adequate
248 Weanling b f Proisir Nancho Bella WITHDRAWN WITHDRAWN
253 Weanling b f Iffraaj Not Surprized
282 Weanling br f Showcasing Pinina
285 Weanling b c Showcasing Plenteous
293 Weanling ch c Showcasing Purple Vein
335 Weanling b c Showcasing The Fire Inside
355 Weanling b f Showcasing Venus Bay
357 Weanling br c Ferlax Warren's Sister
418 Mare b m Grenacha Keeper Skimmio
453 Mare ch m Medrano General Nediym On The Rise
458 Mare ch m More Than Adequate Generous My Marilyn
459 Mare b m Needlepoint Pins Lady Catamarca
463 Mare b m Orinto Iffraaj The Perfume Garden
473 Mare b m Pitch And Switch Manhattan Rain This Is Your Life WITHDRAWN WITHDRAWN
491 Mare b m She's Samashing Al Samer Ashraqat